Zapheads #3: Blood and Frost

Zapheads - Blood and FrostThe thrilling conclusion to the ZAPHEADS post-apocalyptic series.

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Five months after a doomsday solar event, Mackie Dailey has settled in with a group of survivors at a remote college campus.

Mackie is haunted by his former life as a hired gun for ruthless drug lord Lucas Krider, but even the apocalypse offers no escape from the past. Krider has established his own camp and preys on Mackie’s addiction and rage. But their personal battle is buried in a larger war with the mutant Zapheads who threaten the extinction of the human race.

Can Mackie save his friends and help them build a better future, or will he destroy them all in his quest for revenge?

Look for the other post-apocalyptic series in the ZAPHEADS universe, AFTER and NEXT.
Scott Nicholson is the international bestselling author of more than 20 books, including Next: Afterburn, The Red Church, and Liquid Fear.

Joshua Simcox is the co-author of the Zapheads series and October Dark.

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